Wednesday, January 22, 2014

1957 - Spring Breakers

I’d been warned by enough people that this was an odd little film, perhaps viewed best whilst high, but I voyaged into it sober.  It’s such an interesting little flick.  Essentially it’s about a bunch of young women who can’t afford to go off on spring break so they rob a little restaurant with water guns, and then when they get to their destination soon find themselves in the company of a true bad-ass.  And that bad-ass is played by James Franco in what seems like the son of Drexel Spivey, the Gary Oldman character from True Romance.  

The film is meant to be a bit of a trip, mostly played out in a dreamlike montage.  Korine does some interesting thing with voice-over, using the same piece to juxtapose different things.  It feels like it’s meant to be a satire, but the fear is young women see this and actually get excited by the goings-on.  Or maybe I’m just turning into a grumpy old bastard.  Anyway, it’s on Netflix, so if you missed it in theatres and were curious to see it, it’s pretty available.  Worth a gander!

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