Tuesday, December 29, 2009

1300 - Adventureland

My wife and I are on this fantastic role of actually watching films instead of just TV series. I wonder if I'm jinxing myself by even mentioning it. I read the script for this film back when it was on the blacklist a year or so ago, and I remember enjoying it quite a bit. Motolla gets that age group and has a penchant for coming-of-age films. I'm not sure if this one is powerful or funny enough to obtain the cult status of his previous effort but it's a solid film nontheless. It feels real. That's what he's good at, creating characters and performances of people that we all know, or at least I knew growing up. This is a movie worth checking out for sure, but it's not the put-it-on-the-top-of-your-list type film. It's more of a make-sure-you-check-it-out-at-some-point film.

Monday, December 28, 2009

TUWOPS: Update!

It's been awhile since I updated about the film so I figured I'd better get on that since people have been asking. I'm going to start with the absolutely worst news and go from there. I wasn't going to write about this, but I think I might as well. As some of you know, my house was broken into on Christmas Day. Which sucked. A lot. We were out of town and our next-window-neighbors (we don't have a door in that part of the house) called us. So instantly we knew something bad had happened. They said our kitchen window was smashed in and it looked like we'd been robbed.

So we rushed home. Sure enough: robbed. And as soon as we got the call my mind thought "What's the absolute worst thing they could take of stuff we have that's worth anything?" My iMac? Well that would suck, but I'm good about backing up most stuff. The worst thing would be the hard-drive I've been editing TUWOPS on since the film is still in the offline stage. Sure enough. Stolen. I can't lie. I cried. Loud. Luckly I had an (old) back-up of the edit project file on a data-stick, and I had uploaded the film to an FTP so music can be composed - so I have an OLD version of the film to work off of and a reference for the locked cut. I'll have to re-digitize all of the footage - which sucks - but it could be worse. It could be gone completely. But because I'm booked full time on Carlawood: season 2, AND starting in January I'm going to be teaching film one morning a week at Niagara College, my free time is nill. I imagine it'll take me a month to get the cut back up to speed. Which is okay because....

We didn't get into Sundance :( We got a nice rejection letter from them, but it was rejection all the same. We continue to submit to festivals, and the earliest the film will screen in one will be late winter, so time is on our side to finish the film. I'm really looking forward to showing it to the cast and crew (but first I have to edit it all over again). Sigh.

In good news for the film, we've got some great musicians now attached to the soundtrack. We're still waiting to get confirmation on some others, but here are the ones that I can officially announce:
  • Amy Millan
  • Timber Timbre
  • The Most Serene Republic
  • Los Campesinos!
So once the rest of the soundtrack is in place I'll announce that as well.

So I'm in a good place. In fact my computer stuff wasn't the worst that was stolen. My wife, Emily, lost some family jewlery that is irreplacable. So my film, which is not gone, just set-back, seems small in comparison. And they stole some other random stuff including Ephraim's umbrella stroller (seriously, who steals a kid's stroller?!)...

So that's it for now. I'll keep you up to speed. Plan is to start re-diging the footage this week and get to work. Going to sit down with the rest of the post team in the new year and figure out a schedule to finish this bad boy and get it out into the world. I'll keep you up to date with how it all unfolds!

1299 - Paper Heart

Another film I wanted to check out when it was in theatres. Hell I wanted to check this film out the absolute second I heard about it because I had an immense amount of fear that it was identical to the feature I directed this summer. So, a sigh of relief, it's all fine. There's some similarities, sure - but they're different films through and through. This really is a lovely film. There's some real honest documentary sections with some fantastic home-made recreations. The B-Story relationship stuff feels a little bit fabricated, 'cause it is, but the moments feel real enough, and the moments they choose to make are pretty interesting and inspired. I feel like it's real even if I know that the moment is not. Does that make any sense whatsoever?
I'll be interested to see what Jasenovec does after this as he seems to have some chops going on here. The guy playing Nick was fantastic, and that was some of the best parts of the film, watching someone struggle between getting the good stuff and letting their friend be.
Strongly recommend checking it out if you're at all interested. It's not your typical romantic comedy by any means, but it's a nice little piece and I think it'll put a smile on your face.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

1298 - (500) Days of Summer

I really wanted to love this film. I really enjoyed the script when I'd read it a long time ago, but fleshed out… I don't know… it worked in very small moments here and there. And the worst part is that I'm a fan of the actors involved. But here… they just didn't work. They were cast properly I'm sure. I just don't know what it was. It's almost as if the production team was more focused on getting the quirky bits right and completely missed the point of the emotion. I wanted to FEEL what Tom was feeling. The excitement, the anger, the roller coaster of emotions that comes along with falling for the wrong person. But instead I was just brought along to watch. It was okay. I didn't hate it like I know some people did, but I didn't love it. And I'm not sure I can recommend it. If you had planned to see it anyway, go for it, but if you're looking for an indie-gem - I'm not sure that this is it for you. Really wish I'd felt differently.

1297 - Scrooged

Every year I like to watch a Christmas film or two to get into the spirit. More often than not it's Muppet's Christmas Carole, but I only have it on VHS and since we always come up to the farm for the holidays, unless I watch it before hand it never works out. For those who don't know, my mother died just before Christmas when I was a teenager, and for many years the Muppet film was the only thing that got me into the holiday spirit. I've gotten past that now, but I still look forward to showing that film to Ephraim when he's old enough. The same goes with this film.

Every year I intend to watch this film and then get annoyed when I realize that I don't actually own it. So I made a special point today of picking up a copy. It's the same old story we all know, but it's just so damn entertaining. It's definitely a product of the eighties, it SCREAMS eighties at certain points, but that being said it's still very watchable and without-a-doubt a Christmas classic. Bill Murray is stellar here. His career around this time was quite the thing. You've got your Ghostbusters, in another half-decade Groundhog Day. His people knew how to find solid projects for him.

So if you've never see this film chances are by the time you read this (I'm writing on Christmas Eve, but probably won't post till several days after) it'll be past Christmas Day, and I can't imagine you'll watch this until next holiday season - however, it's definitely one of those films you have to see. It might not be as funny now as it was back then, but it's still a fun little ride..

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

1296 - Funny People

So I suppose today was my double-feature of director's third outings. I missed this in the theatre. Haven't been keeping as current with the little guy around now. Thank goodness films come to DVD so quickly. It's interesting to see Apatow's directing career and how it differs from his career as a producer and writer.
There's some great stuff in here, so great jokes, and some wonderful insightful little bits about the human spirit. Based loosely on Gatsby this film has much warmth to it. It's long but I didn't feel it as badly as I probably should have. The pace was there. The performances entertaining. I have to admit I have a bit of a crush on Leslie Mann. Rogen and Sandler both at the top of their game.

1295 - Up in the Air

Jason Reitman could just be my biggest inspiration/influence in terms of newer filmmakers. He's a force. With each film he gets more refined. To the point where we have this, which is, for all intent and purposes, pretty much flawless from where I stand. From a technical standpoint it's just beautiful. The cinematography is elegant and homemade when it needs to be. Teaming up with the production design it creates a world that looks very familiar to us, eerily so. In my opinion this film is an absolute triumph for all involved and you should see it as soon as humanly possible. In a time where I often wait for films to be on the cheap used rack at Blockbuster, I'll pay full price for this one the day that it's released.
It's a film full of honesty and heart. Subtle humor and great pathos. See it. Please. Please. Please. Please.

Friday, December 18, 2009

1294 - Californication: season three

Here's a show that has moments of absolute perfection, however they're few and often padded beside episodes that are more or lesser filler. I wish it weren't true. The fact that the premise of the show is pretty thin, so it's spreading itself almost as thin. Which is a shame. I think they could go deeper and bolder, which if my thoughts are correct, that's where they're heading going into the fourth season. With a devastating and pitch perfect season finale I can't wait to see where they take the fourth season. This season came back fighting after a pretty lackluster season two. Keep it up Hank!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

1293 - Dexter: season four

Holy fucking hell. I have to force myself not to give away any spoilers - but good goddamn. What a season. What an ending! Hot damn. This season did an amazing job of edging towards Dexter becoming more human and with that he became messier to boot. It was beautiful to watch. And Jennifer Carpenter was stellar this season - shame she wasn't nominated. Lithgow and Hall have already been nominated for Golden Globes. It would be amazing to not see at least one of them take home the prize.

Having now re-watched the episode it's just… devastating to watch. It's effected me deeply in a way I can't recall from storytelling in a LONG time. Emily was a wreck after watching it. Dexter is hands down her favourite show, but she's not sure she wants to watch the next season (which is something considering when she realized this was the season's final episode she was very disappointed). I know that come next fall she'll be all about it.

What they did was a game-changer. It was like pressing reset on the series in a very interesting and challenging way. They could literally do almost anything now. And with their show runner Clyde Phillips exiting, it's a whole new day for Dexter and his Dark Passenger. Can't wait to see where it goes.

Monday, December 14, 2009

1292 - Leatherheads

This film had a wonderful charm about it. Clooney clearly loves screwball comedies, and as a director he owns it. Zellweger absolutely owns every moment of her fast-talking-reporter. John Krasinski shows that he's more than just the guy from The Office here. There's a few features he's been in recently that I need to catch up on.
With a charming score from Randy Newman this film is a delight from beginning to end. A great little story that holds everything together. I highly recommend this.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

1291 - Eagle Eye

D.J. Caruso makes better films than the advertising or premises would lead you to believe. While this and his previous Disturbia, I suppose, could be billed as popcorn flicks, he's much more than just a popcorn flick director. Here's a guy who knows how to grab you and take you for a ride. I'm in the moment during this entire film, I'm with them. I'm feeling it. He doesn't over plan the sentiment and he doesn't underplay the emotion. He's masterful. The film is far better than it needs to be, which is not meant to be an insult, it just means that with the premise it could have been more over the top, but the film was actually, in a weird way, somewhat relevant and believable. If nothing else, a realistic cautionary tale letting us know that information is sacred and shouldn't be taken advantage of.

It's more than a popcorn flick, I believe, however if that's all you're looking for to watch then it works for that as well. Another great performance from the on-the-rise leading man Shia, as well as a lovely outing for the gorgeous Michelle Monaghan. Check it out if you're at all interested in seeing it.

1290 - Vantage Point

This film was more or less underwhelming. It has a very interesting premise that ends up feeling a bit episodic and over played by about halfway in. Although that's also around the same point that it started to get a lot more interesting.

My main issue with this film is that you never get a clear sense of the 'why' - it seems to be more about clever story telling techniques rather than good story telling in general. If there's a message to be had here I missed it completely. Overall it's just simply 'meh'. Don't bother unless you were super intrigued by the premise. But don't expect the kind of mystery/thriller where you can figure it out along the way. This film is carefully designed so the only way it can come together is if they spoon-feed you the answers at the end - and that they do… all expect why it all happened - apparently that's not as important as the style of the film.

Monday, November 30, 2009

1289 - Freddy Got Fingered

I'm kind of embarrassed to say that I watched this. Especially when I've got a stack of movies I should be watching. In all fairness I was half-watching and half working on a Christmas present. Either way. Scott McLaren owes me 87 minutes of my life back and I will have it somehow! I really shouldn't blame him - he described the scene above and I was intrigued. It's my own damn fault... however I'll still claim those minutes...
I now need to clense myself with something good. I've been bad about watching films lately, but it's only because I'm so immersed in catching up on TV series. I've got at least a half a dozen on the go. Alas, it still makes no excuse for me wasthing my limited viewing on stuff that I know will be trash.
Whoever greenlit this film should be deeply ashamed.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

1288 - Bruno

First off, I can't imagine even trying to make this film in the wake that was Borat. The mass success, plus the exposure that Cohen got would have made it difficult to film given how he works, not to mention the expectations. The project was, somewhat, doomed from the start.

I have to say though, this film picked up a bit in the middle. And there's some wonderful and disturbing stuff in here, particularly regarding what some parents will allow their kids to go through in an effort to get a gig. I'd go into specifics but I wouldn't want to rob you of the jaw-dropping experience.

Hit or miss, no one has bigger balls than Cohen for the situations he'll put himself into for the pure exploitation of human nature.

This film isn't firing on all cylinders, but there's enough here to make it worth the watch. Bruno was always my favorite character of Cohen's and so I expected more, but understand the circumstances he was under. It could have been a hell of a lot worse.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

1287 - Redbelt

I was really surprised by how much I liked this film. It's not that I expected to dislike it, but wow. It just flowed beautifully for me, the characters, the story, it all just... worked. I really wish that I had more to say about this, but I strongly recommend it. Really really nice.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

1286 - Three Amigos!

I never saw this film as a kid. I remember this girl I had a crush on that worked in the video store where I grew up always watched it while I was in the store, and so I never wanted to rent it because I knew it would mean she'd have to turn it off and give it to me. So that's my excuse.

It's such a product of it's time and you could never get away with the wonderful goofiness today unless you're making a dick & fart Wayans-type film. There's some really great jokes in this film, my favorite is when Chevy Chase shoots the invisible swordsman by accident.

There's been several films of this ilk since this came out: Tropic Thunder, Galaxy Quest (which I haven't seen either) come to mind.

Glad I finally saw it.

Monday, November 09, 2009

1285 - Mad Men: season three

First time I watched this series as the episodes were airing. I love this show. In the absence of The Wire it fills that void of solid epic novel-esque writing. I adore this series and all that comes with it. I don't want to ruin a damn thing, so all I'll say is that this was a fantastic season in what is a truly great story. They've done some really interesting things in this season, in particular the final episode and I can't wait to see the next chapter of this story. I can't recommend this show highly enough.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

1284 - A Dirty Shame

When you sit down to watch a John Waters film you have a pretty good idea of what you're in for. Everything is hyper-real. That's the point. He's trying to make a comment on society in a way that entertains him. And does it entertain others? I suppose that's a matter of opinion. I'm not phased or shocked by sexuality - but I think that the big problem for me is that I didn't quite get the point of it all. Maybe I wasn't trying hard enough. If you're a Waters fan you'll no doubt enjoy it - if not, it might be hard to get into it.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fables: The Dark Ages

I'm not a big comics guy. I had cousins who were big into comics when I was little, but I was a casual enjoyed of them at best. In fact, I kinda sorta feared them. Especially when it comes to the bigger characters. There's just so much goddamn story, and where the hell do you start?! I'm the kind of person who needs to start at the beginning and there's just not enough time in the day to do that when it comes to your Spidermans, Batmans, and the like.
And then I discovered Vertigo: A DC off-shoot label. I have to admit that my discovery back into comics came when I finally bought a copy of Watchmen a few years and inside of it the comic-clerk slipped a little "50 must-own comics" document. So in reading it I discovered that there was more to the comic world that the old standbys and more importantly I found two titles that interested the hell out of me Y the Last Man and Fables.
I realize I'm getting sidetracked here, but if you're even remotely interested in comics, and if you like a smart, funny, entertaining story then you need to run to your local comic shop, hell most big bookstores carry them now too, and pick up the entire run of Y the Last Man. There's ten collected books and the run is over. You could easily read the entire series over a weekend, and you probably will. It's that good.
But to what I came to write about: Fables.
I a am a big fan of fucking with established stories. I love the idea of mucking around with ideas that have been around forever, and the kid in me loves the old fairy tales. In highschool I co-wrote a play messing with fairy tale characters and more recently my writing partner and I have written a feature spec about a little girl who finds a portal into a world that houses all of the fairy tale characters. So Fables is something that's directly up my alley. It's smart and playful. Funny, yet intense. These are the characters of myth, but they're real. They have flaws. They win, they lose. They become heroes, they have their hearts broken, and yes, some of them even die. I'm not going to get into specific plots here because I believe in being spoiler free - but if you're even remotely interested in comics and have a love of fairy tales then I beg you to do yourself a favor and start collecting the Fables series. There's twelve books in total thus far. I can't even remember how many times I've bought the first volume as a gift for someone. And I have to be honest, while even the first volume is quite good it doesn't even come close to how great it becomes. The first two volumes merely introduce you to the world of Fables, starting at volume three the real story kicks into high gear - and it's a wonderful ride with some wonderful tangents of it's own.
Apparently ABC is developing a pilot for a television series. How much would I love to get a gig writing on that show. It would be intimidating and fantastic all at the same time.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

1283 - Whatever Works

This is the first Woody film in a long time that I completely missed in theatres. And what a shame. It's not surprising to know that he wrote this back in the 70's originally for Zero, but shelved it when he died. It actually makes you curious whatever gems he's got locked away in a drawer somewhere. Woody is one of the most impressive filmmakers to me, if for no other reason than his sheer output. This being his 40th film, and you know damn well he's not going to stop until he drops (please please please don't drop Woody!).
Larry David does pretty well in a role that has no obvious redeeming qualities. It's not a big character arch type role. Evan Rachel Wood continues to impress and she's fantastic here. Truly. It's a film packed with brilliant one-liners and I can't wait to explore it again. If you're even remotely a Woody Allen fan, especially vintage Woody Allen, do yourself a favor. Get it. Now.

1282 - Saw VI

Wow. This could possibly be the best of the Saw sequels. In fact... I might have liked it better than the original as well. Ironically it almost seems to say something here with it's political slant. Who'da thunk it?
The walls are closing in here, and it's interesting, it's starting to feel more like an on-going series than stand-alone films. I can't imagine coming into this thing having not seen the previous ones. I could care less about the torture-porn aspects of these films, what I like is all the plotting. I realize the use of flashbacks gives the writers lots of outs, but this film seemed to have a lot of fun with paying off things planted in previous films - to the point where I can't think of any lose threads from the previous films outside of what-happened-to-Dr. Gordon (a surprise I'm sure they'll save for the final film). For fans of the series it's a must see, for those new - start catching up now, there's a lot of pipe laid before this one, some of it better than others.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

TUWOPS - Test Screening Results!

So let me set the tone for the screening first and foremost. It was a shitty night. It was cold. It was raining. We started late. In fact you might think that part of it was a social experiment to try to get people in the foulest possible mood before screening the film.

We held the screening at the University of Toronto in, what I believe to be, a classrooms/screening room. Holds several dozen seats and has a projector (of questionable quality). I gave a little introduction, explained the status of where the film is at and then let everyone know that a questionnaire needed to be filled out afterwards.

So here’s the details. Our audience was made up of 51% females and 49% males. In terms of age groups 6% were 12-24, 63% were 25-39, and 31% were 40-60.

The questionnaire was two pages and had some generic and some more specific questions. Obviously there’s no point in relating the specific information here since it will spoil moments of the film, so I’ll just give you some of the highlights.

The big question, of course, was how do people base their enjoyment of the film on a scale of one to ten – ten being the highest. Without boring you with all the numbers, I can tell you that the average over-all was a score of 8 out of 10. On top of that, when asked if they could see themselves recommending our film to friends or family 88% said ‘yes’, 12% said ‘maybe’ and absolutely no one said ‘no’. This, combined with the enjoyment rating, is a success to me. A film like ours is going to live or die based on strong word of mouth. We couldn’t have asked for more encouraging results. This isn’t to say that there weren’t some constructive criticisms that we’ll be addressing, there were, but by and large any issues that came up are fixable. As a director who also edits his own stuff I can’t say how crucial it was to me to have this screening. The biggest thank you to all that came out on a cold, rainy night. You guys rock!

I’ll leave you with some of my favorite comments from the feedback forms:
“I have friends who could relate to the characters, the movie wasn’t predictable, and it had a great ending. It’s hard to find a good ending.”
“It was intelligent, witty, funny, and moving. A great story. Everything you want in a rom-com”
“The intimacy was effective in conveying discomfort and a sense of dread. It affected me deeply.”
“I thought it was a unique way to present the idea of love and relationships as the film pointed to ideas and situations which felt more real that the typical "romantic comedy".”
“Everyone can relate to this movie in one aspect or another. Its intellectual without pontificating, and it’s not dumbed down – it was entertaining and funny. Also comforting to know that we’re not alone.”
“It was funny yet serious/dramatic. It was a great portrayal of life and relationships and dared to ask questions and explore ideas that most people tend to avoid.”
“Well written, well acted, funny, solid story, relevant, creative, different, and meaningful.”

Saturday, October 24, 2009

1281 - Saw V

Okay. Now I wouldn't say I'm a Saw fan - but I do find something interesting about this series, so screw it, I'm a fan. I like the mystery element. Even if the films themselves are... okay... I like the way they tease and never fill in all the blanks. Hell I'm still waiting for Cary Elwes to come back! Mostly I just watched this to gear up for the new installment which I'll try to check out sometime this week.
This isn't the strongest film in the series, but that's okay. It feels like everyone's getting a kick at the can of directing one of these films, and so here's the production designer taking his turn. He directed it like a production designer would. It looks great, but the acting suffers more in this installment than in any of the others.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

TUWOPS - Final role cast & screening prep

But wait... didn't we wrap shooting at the beginning of September??? How could we possibly have cast another role? Are we re-shooting?! Nope.
The majority of the film is scene through the lens of a camera operator named Phil who we (almost) never see, and so it's a voice only role. We always had a pretty good idea of who we'd use and we were always just going to wait until the final sound mixing to record it, but right now I'm using my own voice as temp and holy shit does it suck - so we brought David Tompa (pictured above - sorry Dave, love that pic and I couldn't resist) in to do a temp track early. So kudos to Dave for doing that for me this morning. And a huge thank you to Mr. Stew Horsley for letting me use his home studio/tool shed to do it in. I think having an actual actor do the read makes all the difference in the world, and now I no longer have to cringe when those sections in the film come up.
So tomorrow night we're doing a test screening of the film with an audience of around forty people. As far as I know none of them have much or any knowledge of the film's story so hopefully we'll get a good idea of how it's playing to a fresh audience. At any rate it's one step further along. I know that some filmmakers have a love/hate relationship with test screenings, but I think they're essential. At some point you just need to step away and see what others think. I'll let you know how it goes!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

1280 - Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Jon Lucas and Scott Moore are the writers of this... film. You probably don't know who they are, but they're the guys behind last summers "The Hangover" which was a really great comedy. They also wrote "Four Christmases" (which I haven't seen), so they're basically the high-concept guys right now, and it sees to be serving them well. It doesn't however, keep this film from sucking. I'm sorry. I said it. And because I know a little bit about the process, I find it hard to blame these two guys - because they've clearly proven that they're good writers. I just can't bring myself to believe that they're behind this and to blame.
There are some decent jokes in this film, but it's always blunted by the fact that you're not quite sure what the tone is. It goes from slap-stick to edgy humor, and unfortunatly the two don't mix. If I'm to be completely honest the film feels like a lazy adaptation that could have been beaten out over the weekend, since it doesn't stray that far from it's source material and doesn't really try to do anything unique with it. The film feels like the first draft of a script/film that could have been really interesting. I hate throwing down the negative, but this film was pretty... not good.
If you want a special treat of bad, check out the song that was obviously written for the film that plays over the closing credits.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

TUWOPS - Set Photos!

So I've been busy cutting away at the film, Anthony's been busy trying to get a sense of music and the licensing of it for the film as we're gearing up for a test screening next Friday that should prove useful in making the final tweaks in the film. Ideally we just want to know that the film is working for people outside of just the core group of people that have made it. Trying to invite a good mixture of people from different backgrounds, age groups, etc… just to get a general sense of how people react to it. I'll try to post the findings from the questionnaires (unless everyone hates it - then I'll just tell you that the screening was cancelled...)

So. Set photos. If you're a friend of mine on facebook you can see more, but here's a nice selection (in no particular order):

This was actually taken right before the last shot of the film. Anthony Grani (in the middle) is notorious for not getting in any of our production stills. Zach Melnick (on the right) is having a rare smile.

Kris Holden-Reid makes Paul Shepard's office his own.

Mary & Kris get mentally prepared for "the big scene".

The lovely Mary Krohnert gets no privacy whatsoever.

That's right - we were brave and let the actors hold the camera.

My one regret of the entire film shoot is that I was not there when this went down. I was there, however, when Aron Tager started busting a move to the Beastie Boys on a nearby ghetto-blaster.

Aron Tager = awesome.

On set at Montcrest School

God bless Paul Lee for actually owning this outfit and offering to wear it.

Kris & Zoie's beautiful dance. Alex Poch-Goldin will probably never admit it, but I think he secretly loved working the sound equipment.

Kris is trying to feel me up here, I believe. (I was trying to let him)

Kris loves mornings. Zoie looking snazzy.

Kris & Alex. The odd couple of our film.

Yes. Pat Mastroianni is in his underwear. And Tricia Braun finds it very funny.

Apparently Yvonne approved of the sound on that take...

Kris and Christine on set at Veritas (King Street East)

Christine Horne willingly making a fool out of herself for the sake of our film. Bit of trivia here: she's wearing the same wig she wore in "The Stone Angel"

We had a permit.... I think...

I love this as the classic Director & Cinematography shot. I look like I'm actually making decisions! (I'm probably pointing at the craft services table)

Mary and Kris on set in Withrow Park. The kids behind them were our extras for the day. They played soccer for about five hours straight (and then left to play an actual soccer game... they lost. Sorry kids - you must suffer for art!)

Hehe. This is the second day of shooting and we were short a head-set, so Jen and I were sharing, huddled up in the bush.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Deer!

So I haven't updated. No movie reviews 'cause my wife and I are knee deep in watching television series. That and I've been tweaking the film quite a bit, and catching up on my writing. So that's been filling my days. Just wanted to throw this out because last weekend when we were up at the farm my wife finally got some somewhat decent shots of the deer that I've been going on about.

Here they are. By my count there are about five or six of them in the photo(s):