Monday, February 24, 2014

1963 - 21 Jump Street

I've never seen a single episode of the original 21 Jump Street, but I appreciate the cleverness in the meta set-up.  It's not a remake so much as what's happening with the Jump Street program a few decades later.  Very smart move.
Jonah Hill is one of those actors who can do very little wrong in my book.  He's just entertaining as hell for me to watch - and Channing Tatum is super delightful here - the two are a pretty fantastic pair.  Throw Brie Larson in and I'm a happy camper.  The comedy in this film is sharp and on point - it's a bit winky, and a bit of a satire, but it's never a bad thing - and the action is a lot of fun as well.  Sorry I was late to the boat on this one, and looking forward to the sequel!  It's on Netflix!

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