Monday, October 31, 2011

1635 - Return to Me

That's right, on Hallowe'en I choose to watch a rom-com - albeit one with a slight supernatural twist.  A film starring Duchovney and Driver (what's she doing these days??? she's lovely, I miss her!) is enough of a draw for me, but the premise is intriguing too.  When his wife dies in a terrible car accident her heart is donated to a woman in need, whom randomly meets up with the husband a year later and they start to fall for each other.  But what will happen when they discover their true connection?
Let me just say that this is a lovely and charming film - the actors are delightful, little moments with all the old men are wonderful.  So there's all that.  The premise is original, certainly.  But the the conflict and concern feels pretty fabricated.  I have a hard time buying that, quirky as she is, Driver's character wouldn't take so long to tell him about her operation.  She must have been with some really shallow dicks before if that's the case (and they should have shown up that rather than just hearing about them).
Despite the story issues it's a sweet and fun little film.  And kudos to Boonie Hunt (a decade late) for her first feature.  I guess shes' too busy with her talk show to make more. 
This is on netflix if you are so inclined...

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