Friday, November 04, 2011

1636 - Louie: season two

This could very well be my favorite show right now.  Louie is a show that is absolutely unlike any other.  There are moments of it that are a tad frustrating, and one could even argue indulgent, but I'll allow those moments because, at it's core, this is a show about how fucked up we all are, but how we can't help but keep trying.  For those who haven't been exposed to it's brilliance, Louie CK plays a version of himself the stand-up comic.  And no, it's not some bad imitation of Seinfeld.  The beauty of Louie is that it doesn't really have any kind of standard format or cast, outside of Louie CK himself.  We see regular people come and go, but this is a show about a man trying to figure out how he fits into a world that he loves and is frustrated by at every turn. 
It's a treat because each little sequence is us watching Louie try and make sense of his world, or play with the ideas inside of it.  From visiting a racist elderly relative, to getting concert tickets for his daughter from an enemy, to professing his love for someone who has absolutely no interest in him, it's a show that is fearless and honest and uncomfortable and real.  Few artist get to a place of freedom like Louis has with this series, and of those that do, I'm not sure any are as successful as getting their point across as he is.
If you start watching one new series, make it this one.  It's phenomenal. 

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