Monday, November 21, 2011

1640 - Nurse.Fighter.Boy

Another product of the Canadian Film Centre.  It describes itself as "an urban love story about the soul of a mother, the heart of a fighter, and the faith of a child".  It's a lovely description and it's a lovely little film as well. 
This is the kind of film that will appeal to the art crowd a little more than the mainstream.  It's subdued and retrained.  It takes it's time, it doesn't waste scenes with endless dialogue.  There's a very specific feel and look to this film.  If I'm honest, from time to time it meandered just a tad too much for my liking, but my interest was never lost due to my intrigue and care in the characters.  It's gorgeous to look at with great performances and a pretty great soundtrack.  This is up on Netflix for those of interest.  Give it a shot!

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