Saturday, November 19, 2011

1639 - Cube

I'm preparing a film proposal package for the CFC Feature program, and so I thought in the days leading up to it I might as well watch (and in some cases re-watch) some of the films that they've already produced.  For those that are unaware it's a program that helps low-budget films to be made.  You can check out all about it by clicking on this link.
Cube is probably the film that they are most well known for, and it even spawned two sequels.  The film is about a small group of people whom all wake up inside of a massive structure of linked rooms.  They don't know why they are there, and all they've got to help them escape is a series of numbers on each of the adjoining doors.  Luckily they've got a math genius or two amongst them!!!
This film has a pretty decent cult following and I'm a tad ashamed to admit that this is the first time I'd seen it. (it's on netflix!) 
The way the film was shot was pretty damn clever, and even though you can completely understand how the film was made on a low-budget it never feels cheaply made at all and has a number of special effects that are pretty damn impressive. 
I've heard that I should avoid the sequels and so I probably will - but this original is easy recommended to anyone who enjoys a mystery that's on the light side of horror. 

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