Friday, December 20, 2013

1948 - A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

Every year at Christmas I re-watch the same films, so I'm trying this year to watch ones I haven't seen before and this was on my list to check out anyway.  Kal Penn & John Cho could make these films forever and they'd work because of their awesome chemistry.  This one is similar to White Castle, the original, in it's wonderful simplicity.  If I'm honest I don't love the more cartoonish elements with the coked up kid and the waffle-bot - that stuff felt a little bit too much, and the characters are interesting enough to not need it.  Both just felt like easy gimmicks that ended up being plot resolving points.  Neil Patrick Harris' cameos continue to be an absolute delight in this series.  If you like your stoner human this could be the Christmas flick to check out this year.

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