Sunday, December 29, 2013

1951 - Happy Endings: season one

I've come to this show a bit late (and just learned it was cancelled after season three).  It's a show about (or at least this first season is) a group of friends examining their lives and relationships as they get closer to thirty and try to figure out if they're still working.  It's a simple premise that gives the show a lot of room.  The show has that kind of rapid fire comedy that works really well for me.  It's got a distinct comedic rhythm, even if that rhythm potentially flies in the face of character logic/continuity from time to time.  It's a barrage of jokes that hit a lot more than they miss, and they miss very rarely for me - and if so it's intentional and commented upon.
The strength and magic of this show is it's cast.  With the exception of Zachary Knighton, who I find is "fine" in his part, but pales when pitted against the rest of the stand-out ensemble whose comedic timing is like watching an elegant dance.  I was already a fan of Elisha Cuthbert and Damon Wayans Jr, and they excel here, but the cast members I wasn't familiar with really blew me away.  Eliza Coupe, Casey Wilson, and Adam Pally are magnetic here. 
I don't think this is a perfect show, and I'm not super surprised it didn't last given that plot lines sometimes feel a bit repetitious.  But the thing that keeps you coming back is the terrific chemistry of the cast - and this one is strong than most.  It's on Netflix.  Give it a go!

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