Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1799 - Disconnect

A few days behind on this.  This was the opening night film at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, of which I attended with my feature SEX AFTER KIDS.  Like our film it was an ensemble, unlike ours it was a heavy drama centered around the theme of... I guess, the internet, and how by being connected to this web we're disconnected from our humanity.  Pretty heavy stuff.  The material is intense and could have been melodramatic if not for a cast of extremely talented actors.  There's some great timely material, the most interesting being that of cyber-bullying, but it also extends to relationships in chat-rooms, identity theft, and cyber-sex.  Given that it's so heavy it was a surprising choice, to me, for an opening night film given that it's intended to create a tone for the festival - although perhaps that's exactly what they were going for.
Not sure when this is coming out otherwise, but if you like heavy human drama you'll probably dig this - if you prefer lighter fare this might just be a tad too intense for your liking.

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