Monday, April 08, 2013

1826 - Californication: season six

This show is one of my guilty pleasures.  I love the tone of it and how it balances the wacky and the poignant, and Hank Moody is one of the more delicious television anti-heroes ever created.  This series has had some rockiness to it as it balances how to move Hank forward without losing who he is.  I think this season was one of, if not, the most successful in that regard.  It's gone a long way into delving into the fuckedness of Hank.  Maggie Grace was a much welcome addition to the cast - so much so that I actually have a hard time buying the outcome of Hank's decision at the end.  If you haven't been watching this series yet you've got a lot of road to catch up on, but it's bi-and-large worth it for the moments of heart.  Looking forward to more when it returns, of course, although I'm just not sure what tricks this show could still have up it's sleeve - unless the final season is about Hank trying to be in an honest, celibate relationship.  That could be interesting… after six seasons of watching these characters behave like children, can they become responsible adults?

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