Thursday, May 16, 2013

1838 - New Girl: season two

This is a series that more-or-less had me from the very start and hasn't let go.  I'm not a huge fan of things that are overtly quirky, but for some reason it works here and it does so again and again.  Week after week we're introduced to what feels like a never ending well of character ticks that each of our heroes have, which ultimately exist to serve the story-of-the-week, but I always let it slide because the characters are solid and I believe these ticks exists within their world, and also the writing is so goddamn good, 
I'm going to get into minor SPOILER territory here, so proceed with caution.  From the very beginning you'd have to be an idiot not to figure out that at some point the writers were going to play with the idea of Nick and Jess as a couple - the question was how long would they drag that out and how would they sustain it once they do.  We're not partly into that.  I have to say that the execution under which they became a couple was pretty fantastic.  The entire cast is fantastic, and that's how you get a sitcom that sustains (or any show for that matter) people that you want to keep coming back to.
I felt like the end of this season got a tinge repetitive with Jess and Nick's push and pull, but I also bought the hesitation - it's a big move for them and the show.  I love where Max Greenfeld's character was left off, and now we just need something exciting for Winston!
If you're not watching this show you're making a big mistake.  It's easily my favourite sitcom currently on air.  I still argue that it has a terrible name for an ongoing series, but I can let that slide.  Please - check it out!

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