Tuesday, May 28, 2013

1846 - Smash: season two

I have to be quite honest - I can't really explain why I watch this series, or better yet, while it's kind of a guilty pleasure of mine.  But I do.  I'm a musical fan and so that's largely why.  On the whole this show does more wrong than it does right.   I don't have a favorite characters - in fact they're all, largely, unlikeable.  A lot of people who review this series slag on Katherine McPhee - I don't mind her so much outside of her being seemingly "pure" yadda, yadda - but I really can't stand Angelica Huston.  I think she's fine in something like.... The Witches, but I really just find that she kind of plays one-note characters a lot - the characters are often different, but she doesn't seem to know how to shade them with variance - it's puzzling.  I want to like her, I just have difficulty. 
I can't really recommend nor not recommend this.  I'll say this - if you're a music theatre geek, watch it - you'll get a kick of the melodramatic behind the scenes stuff - any one else is probably best to just steer clear.  It's hard to say if I'd have come back for a third season, but I think the show was best to get out now - I think it would be hard to sustain this  much longer.  Get out while the getting's... well... not terrible :)

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Jennifer Bragg said...

For me this was one of those series that benefited from marathoning. When I watched one episode at a time it bored me, but when I saved up a bunch and watched them in a row I got really sucked into the cheese. Did that with the last 5 eps so it went out on a high note for me. I will say that I did have a favourite character though - Ivy. Megan Hilty was phenomenal. I want more TV musical projects just so someone can cast her again!