Saturday, April 28, 2012

1720 - Annie

This was Ephraim's movie night selection and, due to it's length, had to be split into two.  It's been a long time since I've seen this, probably not since I was in high school and we performed the musical.  This is a musical full of great songs, but the film version has some absolutely phenomenal choreography.  Anyone wanting to study a musical that makes ridiculously difficult dancing seem effortless, here's a great one.  And on top of that you've got a really stellar cast with Albert Finney, Carole Burnette, Bernadette Peters (bit of a crush on her, I have), and the always awesome Tim Curry (for extra fun make this a double feature with Rocky Horror!).
When we finished watching Ephraim turned to me and said, "Let's watch that one again some time.  It was a good one."  I have to agree.

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Carechemist said...

One of the best and a must see film for a human in this life. The film is awesome, but seeing live (maybe at a local college) is always fun. I still remember our summer camp version of this musical. And when isn't Tim Curry awesome?

Being in plays is an excellent way to teach kids lessons about life.
Rafe's book changed the way I teach. Even in chemistry, we perform interactive plays to learn a concept or historical aspect. I think it is sad when I have a student who has never watched "Annie" or any other classic musicals, or has ever been to a play. Art is human expression, which is an imperative experience when growing up.