Monday, March 18, 2013

1816 - No Strings Attached

This is the second time checking this one out.  I'm a fan of Elizabeth Meriwether's New Girl, and I forgot that Jake M Johnson was in this.  I think he's pretty goddamn great.  I like this film despite the fact that it falls into the usual rom-com plot tropes.  The cast is pretty stellar and is full of a lot of people I like.  The characters are all solid and unique, the dialogue catchy.  It's not the kind of flick that's going to change your life, but it's pretty solid popcorn romantic entertainment.  It's on netflix and well worth the time.  Boyfriends, you'll enjoy this along with the girlfriends.  Portman is pretty delightful here and Kutcher ain't too bad himself.  Lake Bell is sexy/funny as well.  Man, I really could just laundry list this entire cast... I won't - just watch the damn thing!

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