Thursday, March 21, 2013

1819 - Ferocious

I'm just on a Canadian film rampage this week.  Huzzah for that!  I always find it a celebration when my friend's features get a theatrical release.  Last night I was lucky enough to check out this film while it's in its theatrical run.  Ferocious is the story of a small town girl who left and made a name for herself as a tv star, but has come back to tie up some loose ends.  It, largely, takes place in all one location and while I'm sure that was a budgetary consideration it never once feels like it.  They make an amazing use of their prime location and it feels like a world unto itself.  Kim Coates does what he does best and comes off as a dirty creepy son-of-a-bitch, and my buddy Katie Boland plays a fantastic comic relief (in a good way).  This film charmed me quite a bit, and it's easy to recommend it.  It's got a great vibe to it.  There are a few tropes that you just have to buy into with this sort of tale, but you do so easily and are able to just dive in and enjoy the ride.  If I had to give a complaint, I suppose I just wasn't all that invested into Amanda Crew's character - everyone else popped in a really great way, but her character was slightly under-developed for my liking - which sadly is easy to have happen when your character is meant to shoulder a film like this.  Over all, good stuff Robert Cuffley!

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