Sunday, August 04, 2013

1879 - 30 Minutes or Less

I just wanted to watch something mostly mindless, and remembered this was on Netflix.  I have to be honest, I find Danny McBride to be a pretty one-note actor - I can't say I've ever seen a lot of variety from his performances, and Aziz Ansari is about the same - that said you get what you get from them and here it works well enough.  It's not the kind of film that's asking them to stretch their range to begin with.
Jesse Eisenberg plays a... well, he's not a loser or a burn-out, I guess he's just a guy who hasn't put any effort into his life and slums through as a pizza delivery guy.  He's likable because he's played by Eisenberg, but really, he's got no goals, no aspirations. It's actually kind of difficult to get behind him as a character too much.  He gets kidnapped, has a bomb strapped to him and is forced to rob a bank so that some people can use the money to pay someone to kill their father for the inheritance.  It's a bit over-the-top, but again - it works for this kind of film.
I liked the film enough, it has some funny moments, but it exists within that slew of comedic films that comes out, gets seen and just kind of falls away.  I'm not saying it's disposable, but there's very little that's substantial about it.  It's just a fun little film.  I don't mean to be ripping on it as much as I am, I'm just apparently in an overly critical state of mind right now...

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