Friday, November 01, 2013

1931 - Ghostbusters

This is a bit late, but I watched this as part of my Hallowe'en marathon.  I think the world has a shortage of solid horror comedies.  Not that I think this really falls into the horror category - but maybe more of the sci-fi?  I wish I would have fit Shawn of the Dead into this year's binge-Hallowe'en watching, but alas.
So.  This.  So-fucking-good.  If you've never seen this film then you really do need to - just for the cultural references.  First you get a classic film - but you get Bill Murray at the height of his awesomeness.  Murray has had an amazing career - that's a film retrospective that I would attend.  He was part of some of the best comedies of the eighties, and the best indies of the last decade or so.  Terrific. 
Although he's the rockstar of the group, the rest of the ensemble shines so strongly.  Signorney Weaver is a lot of fun, especially when she gets all possessed near the end - and it's doubly so for Rick Moranis. 
The effects might be dated at this point - but the comedy and tone are still spot on and work like gangbusters still.  Part of me still wants to see a part 3 to this series just to see what they could do by updating the effects.  Either way, nothing can taint this classic.

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