Tuesday, November 05, 2013

1934 - The Switch

Part of the switch for me with this film was based on the trailer I think I remember assuming that it was just all about her pregnancy and whether he would tell her the truth about him having swapped her sperm samples - but in truth the bulk of the film takes place years later when the kid is grown up somewhat.  The film has a pretty predictable romantic storyline as you can well imagine it might, but what's really surprising and enjoyable is the relationship that Jason Bateman has with the kid in the film - and that's what I really was drawn to and responded with.  It's a really strong relationship in the film, and the real highlight for me.  That's the relationship you want to work out in the end.  Sure you like Aniston and you want them to hook up, but for me it's all about the father/son relationship - and likely because I'm a tad biased in that regard.
It's a decent little flick and worth checking it out if you like Bateman, Aniston, or rom-coms in general.

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