Thursday, March 13, 2014

1966 - Alan Partridge

I can’t say I was super up to date on the legacy of Alan Partridge outside of knowing that he’s a Steve Coogan character that’s lasted for several decades.  I love that idea of having a persona that can last for that long and something to build upon.  So with that I can safely say that this film works whether you’re a Partridge fan or not - so long as you appreciate British humour, you’re good to go.  It’s the kind of comedy where there’s literally several laughs a minute and a bunch you miss just because you’re still recovering from the last one.

And let’s call it what it is - this is just a fun film - it’s not the kind of thing that’s going to change your life or leave you having a long conversation about the human condition - it’s just meant to be a lot of fun, and that’s exactly what it is.  So if that’s what you’re in the market for check it out while it’s in theatres in Canada.  Highly recommend it to cure the everlasting winter blues.

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