Sunday, March 30, 2014

1975 - Frances Ha

I’d wanted to see this film during it’s initial release but didn’t get around to it and was super excited when I saw that it was already on Netflix.  I’m a big fan of Greta Gerwig - she’s got a way about her that is infectious - she’s so utterly natural, it’s refreshing.  Also I never have a problem with Adam Driver making an appearance in anything.  
Here’s the story of a young woman trying to get over herself and move the hell on with her life, if only she can get out of her own way.  

Black and white was a smart choice here - in the days where films and television feel so disposable, the aesthetic here almost makes it feel like a revered classic - which would be a problem if it wasn’t so well done.  The fast pace and eclectic sound track keep this slice-of-life piece barrelling along.  I’m sure that this film isn’t for everyone, but anyone who enjoys a good character drama is going to find themselves with a treat on their hands.  This is defiantly a film that I want eco try and revisit sometime sometime sooner rather than later - and you should too!

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