Saturday, March 29, 2014

1974 - Muppets Most Wanted

I’m a big Muppets nerd, so I’m programmed to like this by default.  It scored a lot of points with it’s opening number about sequels that eased us in nicely.  I love how this builds upon the previous film, with the ever-present self deprecation the Muppets didn’t actually set the world on fire, and the only reason they’re selling out on their world tour is because it’s all an elaborate cover for a international jewel thief.  Perfect, classic, muppet. 
My son complained about the length of the film, and I guess I noticed it was long as well - but man, what kind of asshole complains about too much Muppet?  Not this guy!  I thought Ty, Tina, and Ricky were perfect as the human companions to our heroes.  I thought the wiring was clever, the jokes hit with a few solid laugh-out-louders.  

If you’ve ever loved the Muppets, it’s well worth your time.  Here’s to many more new adventures with them!

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