Thursday, May 08, 2014

2004 - From Dusk Till Dawn

I wanted to re-watch this since I’ve been watching the TV series (which isn’t great but somewhat addictive).  This film is such a ride.  It’s one of the best genre-mash-ups - I doubt you could get away with a film nowadays that takes such a hard left turn half-way through, that in and of itself is quite the feat.  This film features one of my favourite George Clooney performances, and Tarantino in an acting role that works quite well.  This film is edging in on 20 years, which is crazy to me - especially seeing Juliette Lewis so young.  It’s a vampire flick that’s fun and unpredictable.  If you’ve never seen it then do yourself the pleasure, it’s on Netflix.  And if you’re curious what they’d do with a vastly expanded version of this film than check out the tv series, also on netflix.  Very different from this.  I’ve also never checked out the sequels, which I might try to get my hands on.  Anyway, check it out, it’s a blast!

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