Friday, May 09, 2014

2005 - The Royal Tenenbaums

It’s been awhile since I’ve watched this.  I think it’s still my favourite Wes Anderson film.  I still need to see Moonrise Kingdom before I outwardly make that claim, but I think it’s the film that best balances his unique style and an honest human element.  I feel that largely following this film he went into a bizarre direction that was almost too stylized and became quirk over content.  That’s not to say his films still aren’t enjoyable, but I haven’t seen one that’s hit me like this one does.  Every single time Ben Stiller says “It’s been a rough year, Dad.” I lose it.  It’s such a simple and powerful beat.

This is one of the most interesting ensemble casts of any film, and such a dynamic and interesting mix.  Gwyneth Paltrow is hilarious and lovely, Ben Stiller is heartbreaking, and Gene Hackman is on the top of his game.  This film also features one of the best soundtracks of the last decade or more.  If you’ve never seen this film and you like character drama/comedy, for my money - it’s one of the best.

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