Monday, May 19, 2014

2013 - Godzilla

I have to admit that I'm not super familiar with the history of Godzilla in cinema outside of the pop culture stuff that most people know.  I have to say that I found this to be pretty darn entertaining.  What I think was really amazing about the direction of this film was how well the POV of various people was used super effectively during our set piece to ground us in something and show us what this really means to be people outside of it rather than just being destruction for the sake of it.  Having Godzilla pitted against other monsters and being more of a heroic role was a much more solid choice than having him be our villain.  As you can imagine this film has it's fair share of hokiness, as some of Cranton's over the top pleading can attest - but on the whole it's entertaining, and while teasing a fair share of them, doesn't fall into the cliche these films often live in.  I loved the subtle way Godzilla was shown, especially through fighting - keeping us in other characters POV was really important for those sequences as well. Over-all - really well done and entertaining!

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Jawsphobia said...

Yes. I hadn't been a big follower of Godzilla, and I hadn't followed this production but this new director Edwards is quite assured and focused. I wonder what was left from Darabont, and why he was uncredited after so much reportage that this was his latest project. Now I guess I have to see this director's small budget movie "Monsters." He knows what he is doing. And his team.