Friday, May 16, 2014

2012 - Neighbors

On the way home from the theatre I starting trying to figure out something bad that Seth Rogen has been apart of recently, or ever, and the answer is.... not much.  One could say he's got a horseshoe up his ass, but I think it's more realistic to just realize that the guy has good taste and knows what the hell he's doing.
So here's the story of young parents - Rogen and the fucking fantastic Rose Byrne who is equally as beautiful as she is funny, and even more so because of the latter.  They buy a new house and end up living next door to a frat ran by Zac Efron and Dave Franco, who are an equally fantastic pair.  I love how the film starts off with both sides honestly trying to make it work - I love the idea of pitting two people who miss their youths against people that never want to get old - there's so much room to play within that and play they do.  It's a film that's more about the laughs than the heart, which I'm down for as long as the laughs are fast and furious - and they absolutely are here.  I'm not to give away anything besides letting you know that if you wan to so see a funny film in the theatres - look no further, this one - it's super solid.

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