Sunday, February 12, 2012

1691 - The Muppet Movie

I have a feeling like I'll be revisiting this film fairly regularly over the next little bit and so I won't be posting each time (although I could easily keep writing about it)  My son has, to my absolute delight, fallen for the Muppets.  He has a love/hate relationship with Sweetums and Animal where he goes from thinking that they're awesome to scary (he mostly dislikes Animal for his mis-use of instruments - he believes in respecting your music makers).  And so this morning when he got up early and wanted to watch this - who was I to deny him?!
I have an original poster of this film and I have it encased in glass and hanging in his room - it features Fozzie and Kermit in the Studebaker and my little guy loves the hell out of it, and always lets me know that he wants to watch that scene.  Tonight when putting him to bed he asked me to tell him The Muppet Movie story (I tend to tell him film plots while he tries to sleep - works like a charm - I was ten minutes into my 8 1/2 pitch when he was asleep).
Highlights for him were when Animal gets super huge at the end and scares off the bad guys, and then again when Sweetums burst through the screen at the very end.  He also laughed when there were two Kermits in the desert, which he claimed was a magic trick, and loved the fact that Dr. Teeth drove the bus.
Ahhh to be young again.  The Muppets is playing at a theatre down the street from us all next weekend.  I'm super tempted to take him to a matinee… or let my wife take him since she hasn't seen it yet either…

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