Wednesday, February 29, 2012

1700 - Being Elmo

My wife got to see this at hotdocs last year but sadly I couldn't go with her.  Those who know me know that I'm a huge Muppet-nerd (my own Muppet Whatnot is on it's way to me as I write this!).  There's something very pure and innocent about the Muppets, and at the same time ridiculously funny and unhinged.  They aren't just toys, and in the hands of someone as skilled as Kevin Clash, they become alive.  Elmo is such a part of pop culture and while it's easy enough for someone else to do an imitation it's hard to imagine anyone else can "be" Elmo quite like Clash.  I think about how Kermit has never been the same since Henson died, how Rolf had not uttered a word until the newest film.  Sure someone else can do the voice, but there's something about making it come alive.  It's a skill set that few have. 
Being Elmo is absolutely one of those warm fuzzy films about a self-made-man who had a dream and kicked it's ass (as opposed to having your dream kick your ass - which is sadly the case for most people).  Clash came from nothing and is now one of the most important people to the entire Muppet Empire.  And he deserves it.
This film is starting to become more available now so check it out.  It's clocks in just over an hour long and it flies right by.  Not to be missed by any Muppet fans, that's for sure.

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