Friday, February 17, 2012

1695 - Romantics Anonymous

We're sans-older-child tonight and since my wife doesn't watch as many films these days she was given full choice for our movie night and she discovered this on netflix.
It's a french film about two misfits, a chocolatier who is too shy to admit that she's one of the most talented in the world, and a man who owns a dying chocolate factory.  So it's the kind of film going in knowing that we're really just biding time until the happy ending where our misfits connect.  Films like this are all about the journey and this one is pretty damn enjoyable.  Their individual issues border on the quirky-for-the-sake-of-being quirky, but it works all the same and you find yourself rooting for and getting behind them.  It's not a perfect film and it's a tad bit sappy in parts, but it's lovely all the same.  Makes your sweet tooth tingle, it does! 
I would put this one into the really-lovely-rainy-afternoon film category. 

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