Wednesday, February 15, 2012

1693 - The L.A. Complex: season one

So some reports are calling this a mid-season finale and others are calling it the season finale.  I wonder if they're not waiting to see the numbers that CW pulls in to decide whether or not it gets an extended first season and/or a second season.  I have to say though if this should doesn't get another season it will be a shame. 
It follows a group of Canadians living and trying to make it in L.A.  As someone who works in the entertainment industry I can tell you that I've witnessed a fair share of the terrible things that happen in this show, or I know people they've happened to.  It's a tough industry and this show makes no bones about it.  It's a very honest and harsh show in that capacity and good for it for having the balls to be so.  Take for example one particular story where a girl completely sells herself out, morals and everything, and in the end realizes that if she'd just waited she would have been fine.  Such is life. 
I believe that you can still stream episodes off of the much music website, so if you haven't watched yet give it a shot.  I love some of the characters, like others, and hate a few - but the few I hate are, I'm pretty sure, intentional. 
I'm really hoping this show gets extended.  I think it's got a lot more life in it and a lot more interesting stories to tell.  Please don't let it be another of those amazing Canadian shows that just doesn't get it's full chance.

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