Monday, February 04, 2013

1805 - Jesse + Celeste Forever

When I saw the trailer for this it was the kind that makes me instantly jealous - why didn't I think of that idea - why does it look so good - why is this trailer so compelling?!  I imagine this is a constant problem for fellow filmmakers - supporting and feeling crushing jealousy all at the same time.
So this film is about two best friends who were, until recently, married.  But they are still best friends - and some of their friends are starting to think it's a bit weird (ahem, unhealthy) for them to spend this time with each other as the divorce looms over them.
Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg have chemistry in spades here, and you have no problem wondering why they're hanging out - why wouldn't they be?  They're both awesome!  But what I really love about this is that Rashida (also the co-writer) has no issues with her character doing shitty things sometimes and coming off a bit nutso when appropriate.
I wouldn't lump this in with the rom-coms, it's more of a dramedy, and I say that in a positive way.  It's also kind of an anti-date movie, which probably didn't help it's release either.  Ideally, if you're in a group of friends who are single as shit - this might be the remedy for what ails you.  But even if you are a couple I doubt you'll not enjoy how it unfolds.

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