Saturday, February 23, 2013

1812 - House of Cards: season one

It too me two goes to get into this.  When I first watched the pilot I left a little 'meh'.  I also put it on in the background and didn't give it the attention that it requires.  So I went back and revisited the pilot and then got hooked into the whole damn thing.
If you haven't seen it yet the whole season is up on Netflix and it's the exact kind of show that you want to binge watch.  It's about a Congressman who is passed up for a promotion to Secretary of State and, feeling slighted, decides to shake things up and go after what he really wants - which I won't reveal here because it makes for a large part of this season's mystery.
Kevin Spacey is more interesting to me here than he has been in, oh I can't quite recall how long.  He's a character straight out of Shakespeare and I can only imagine that he has a shit ton of fun doing it.  Kate Mara, also  provides a solid supporting role and I'm pretty excited about where her character left off at the end of this season.
The show is a lot prettier than most and makes Washington look like the place be.  The most frustrating thing about this show, now that I'm hooked, is the year it'll take to come out properly . I haven't said too much above, but this isn't that kind of show - it's a show that takes it's time and enjoys the set-up 'cause once the train leaves the station, it's going full force.  If you start off watching and feel you're not into it, do me a favor and go until at least episode three before you call it quit.  I personally can't wait to see the house of cards that's been built in this show to come crash down.  Well done, Spacey and Dana Brunetti and Netflix - I look forward to more of their original program :)

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