Thursday, February 14, 2013

1807 - Sherlock Holmes

I missed this in the theatres and got the Bluray on sale a while back and for whatever reason just never got around to watching this.  It's so much fun.  Guy Ritchie did a pretty great job of turning Holmes into an intelligent action adventure star, and Downey infuses the role with gusto.  His interplay with both Jude Law and Rachel McAdams is really enjoyable to watch.  I'm not a big Holmes nerd so I can't tell you how much they strayed from the originals, re-invented, etc... but what was going on here was a shitload of fun - and I found myself believing that Blackwood might actually be a sorcerer as well.  I have to say though that all of Holmes "deductions" came a bit after the fact and a fair amount was left from us - but I'll take it to get caught up in it like this.
Looking forward to the follow-up!

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