Monday, September 02, 2013

1891 - Despicable Me 2

It's been about a year since I took my son to see a movie, which shames me to no end, but here we went again.  We watched the first together and it gave him some genuine belly laughs, as it did me, so I was happy to check this out with him.  The minions, obviously, steal the film - and what I like about here that was smart was that they used them as a major plot point in the film as opposed to just filling the film with more random scenes of them as a lesser movie would have done.  In fact, the minion stuff is so strong that it eclipses the rest of the film, and that's not always a great thing.
I had some story logic quibbles, which I won't bring up here in great detail.  Mostly, it just bothered me that they didn't go as far as they should have with some of the character stuff, with Gru in particular.  There were some missed opportunities.  All in all though, I quite enjoyed it, and I think I even liked it better than the original - which is nice since the second film should be better if there's a point in making it at all.
I see that there's a Minions film coming out, so I'm sure my little guy and I will find our ways over there when it's released.  If you want to see a kid's film that's pretty enjoyable for the parents as well, this is a good one!

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