Friday, September 13, 2013

1895 - The Right Kind of Wrong

I often complain that Canada doesn't bother making commercial films very often, which is part of the problem with our film system.  So first off, I want to give kudos to this filmmaking team for even making the attempt.  That being said, this isn't exactly the kind of film I hope for when I make such comments.  It's got some charm to it, absolutely, but the premise is... I don't know... A man, who has become the subject of his ex-wife's book "Why You Suck" falls in love with a woman on her wedding day based solely on the fact that she kicks the hell out of a football whilst in a wedding dress.  Granted, the film mocks him for this, it doesn't change the fact that this is a rom-com because Ryan Kwanten is cast in the lead.  Put Paul Giamati in this role and the women aren't exactly getting behind his goal of making this woman fall for him.
I could actually forgive the film all of that if it didn't commit the biggest sin - being a rom-com with no 'com'.  It's just not funny, really.  The film has a solid message behind it, but the characters aren't grounded in any kind of reality to help support that message, instead relying on cliches like cute kids who are way too smart for their own good and instead of stealing scenes mostly just elicit eyeball rolls.
The highlights of this film is how beautiful Canada looks in it and just how great Sara Canning is.  She's easily the highlight of the film, and if there's a reason to check it out - it's her.

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