Wednesday, September 11, 2013

1893 - CinemaNovels

A young woman's father dies an in an effort to get to him him despite their checkered past, decides to run a memorial film festival - the problem being that she's never seen any of his films.
Lauren Lee Smith is the reason I went to see this, and by all means, she's the best thing about the film.
This is a tough film, because at one point it comes off as the kind of film that's making fun of arty Bergman-esque films, and on the other hand - it absolutely is that kind of film too.  So my fear is that with a film like this, it's going to isolate it's audience...
There was something bizarre in the visuals as well, beautiful close-ups that were matched with these flat, pixelated wide-shots - almost as if a different DP did them - or it was a different film.  I normally don't comment on such things - but because they pulled me out of it I couldn't help it.
Overall, I enjoyed Lauren Lee Smith so much, but the film over-all just didn't grab me the way I was hoping it would - perhaps it'll be different for you when you give it a shot!

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