Monday, September 02, 2013

1890 - Harry Potter & the Philosopher's Stone

I've been looking for a reason to revisit these, and having children is a pretty good one.  We watched this because I wanted to take a crack at reading the first book to my four year old, and while he's pretty good about books with a lot of pictures, because there's a lot of fantasy elements to this he had a hard time visualizing what was there, so I decided to give him a look-see at the film world.
They're sooooo little here.  It's kind of adorable - and what a different tone this film is by the time to we get to the end-game.  One day I would love to do a marathon of all eight films - I think that's something that will have to happen when the kids are teenagers for sure.
This film still stands up, and its fantastic how much foreshadowing is going on, even here, despite how little the filmmakers knew about where the story was going.  There's even subtle moments between Ron and Hermoine.  Charming to say the least.
If you've never dived into these, and you like fantasy even a little, give it a go.  If nothing else than for the pop cultural value.

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