Wednesday, September 11, 2013

1892 - Blood Ties

Finally getting around to writing up my TIFF viewing!  I'm a good dozen or so behind, so bear with me :)
This is a re-make of a film I never saw.  Two brothers, one a cop and the other a hardened criminal and the cat and mouse game that they play.  The film takes it's time in setting up the family dynamics - and it really doesn't need to - we get it pretty quickly.  Clive Own and Billy Krudup are top notch here, but sadly the women are given very little to do.
The film could do well with some trimmings - it has several solid sequences including a phenomenal third act that really builds up up to a super solid conclusion.  I hope they cut it down a bit before it's final release.  Great performances for the guys, a real shame the amazingly talented women were short changed here.

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