Tuesday, April 15, 2014

1982 - Peter's Friends

This is one of those gems that I never got around to seeing, and finally dusted off the DVD I'd purchased of it years ago to plop in.  I'm gearing up for a bit of a similar type ensemble, so I'm surrounding myself with these types of films right now to see what parts inspire.
Hugh Laurie looks so amazingly different here.  Emma Thompson reminds me of Kate Hewlett a bit here in a really delightful way.  I was worried a bit that Kenneth Branagh was going to be the same character type all the way through but was happy to see him mature with age.
This is a really charming film with a wonderful cast and an impressive musical soundtrack.  I'm sure it was a low budget flick since it largely took place all in one location, but it never felt that way.
If you haven't seen it, this is a beautiful film about friendship and one that shouldn't be over looked.  I'm glad I have a copy and I'm sure I'll revisit it sooner rather than later.

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