Wednesday, April 23, 2014

1987 - The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson is without a doubt one of our more specific visual filmmakers.  I still haven't seen his previous film, Moonrise Kingdom, but other than that I believe I've seen everything - and while a lot I find to be a hit or miss, he's always distinct and clear about his visuals.  To the point where I think you could fairly easily copy cat his style and one might be hard pressed to say if it was an homage or satire to the work.
I enjoyed this for the most part, although it did feel to be dragging on a bit by the end.  I must admit that I feel like there was a bit of bait and switch - I thought I'd signed up for a fun little character comedy where it was really more of a caper film - not that I mind much, but I was expecting something a bit different, I suppose.
That said, it was still enjoyable, and though I don't see why I'd ever need to revisit it, I would definitely place it into the side of Anderson's films that I actually liked.  Still in theatres!

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