Monday, April 28, 2014

1996 - The Vow

Michael Sucsy, the director, has a great eye for Canadian talent - I didn't catch Toronto locations, but I did catch some amazing Toronto talent in supporting roles, including Joey Klein, Tatiana Maslany, Dillon Casey, and Wendy Crewson to name a few.
I was pleasantly surprised by this film.  It tells the story of a woman, madly in love with her husband, who loses her memory of him and the struggles they face with that fall-out.  It essentially asks the question, "If you met the love of your life at a different point in time, would you still chose them?"  I like that this film didn't go for easy answers and that it didn't wrap up everything in a pretty bow.  It feels honest and authentic.  I was worried that it went too far in one direction, but it managed to pull back at the end - which is really just a testament to good storytelling.  Tatum and McAdams are paired well here, and they're sweet together when they need to be, and their awkwardness work well rooted.  It's a charming little love story and should even appease the cynical amongst you.   And it's no netflix, so give it a shot!

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