Friday, July 05, 2013

1867 - Man of Steel

I like Superman, despite his limitations as a character.  In a conversation today a good friend brought up a really strong point about the different between DC and Marvel characters.  With Marvel it's about the person and their flaws and who they are, and then the hero gets added.  At DC it's all about the hero, and the real person is an after-thought or non-existent.  

Before I get too far in, I enjoyed the film for the most part, it was a ride.  But I just had some weird issues with it.  First - what's the obsession with seeing massive destruction of cities?  I spent most of the battle sequences wondering just how good of a job was Superman really doing given that he was tearing the shit up of Metropolis and everywhere else?!  I get that we want to see the brute strength - but we get it.  He's strong, so is Zod.  I'm going to get into spolery things here, so bare with me.  I like that Lois knows his real identity.  I like the little nods to Smallville and LexCorp.  I don't buy for a second that he's spending time on an oil rig.  Also - and this is a big one - the whole plot of the film revolved around the idea of Superman wanting to save earth - but why?  Outside of his parents everyone was pretty shitty to him.  What was so redeeming about humanity outside of his adoptive parents?  I didn't get a sense of that from him.  I love Amy Adams, but Lois felt out of place, like they tried to wedge her into the action.  My list of nit-picks is a little bit longer, but I really don't want to focus on that.  Is it a good Superman film?  Shit yes.  Is it a great film in general?  It's fine.  So there's that.  If you're going to see it, do it on the big scene - that much I'll say.  But oh!  The wonderful Julian Richings had a little part in the beginning of the film, which was a lot of fun to see!  Woot woot!

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