Saturday, July 27, 2013

1875 - The Giant Mechanical Man

Netflix recommended this to me, and I could argue with the cast!  The story of two lost souls finding each other is nothing new, but this puts a bit of a fresh spin on it with the street artist storyline.  I guess my big gripe with the film, is like some of the detractor characters, I didn't fully understand what Messina's character's ultimate goal with his street art was.  Or if he had one, or if that mattered.  I would have liked to have seen that explored just a little bit more.  The other problem being that all the other characters just felt super unlikeable, and there's on purpose to some extent, but it also just doesn't present any kind of balance.  And as much as I enjoyed Topher Grace playing a bit of a douchebag, there was never any real belief or concern that she would end up with that guy over Messina - it would have been nice to have a more credible risk to their growing relationship.
Sounds like I'm bagging on this film but I really did find it to be quite charming.  If you like Jenna Fischer or Chris Messina than it's absolutely work checking out at some point.

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