Saturday, July 27, 2013

1873 - In Time

Apparently I was on a Justin Timberlake kick last night.  Mostly I just wanted to watch something high-concept and entertaining, and this was a pretty decent pick.  It got some picky reviews, but I think that centers around the fact that it's so hard sci-fi, which means that it's a morality tale, and as such it's going to be a bit heavy handed in places - I'm fine with that.  As I was at a take-out place this morning it even sunk into me, the beauty of having a world where time is the currency - is it really so different from real money anyway?  You need it to survive, it dictates so many things.  It's a solid concept and they do well enough by it here.  The action isn't there just to be awesome like it is in so many films now.  It's a very solid genre piece, not going to be for everyone, but if you like hard sci-fi you could do a lot worse.  Timberlake does the part justice and Seyfield is pretty darn enjoyable herself.  It's on Netflix.

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