Friday, May 13, 2011

1564 - Couples Retreat

It wasn't a hard choice to watch this film given that it's full of so many people that I generally enjoy and it's rare that powerhouse casting equates to a film being a stinker - at the very least you're going to enjoy the performances.  So here we've got an ensemble of forty-year-old men married to thirty-year-old women (mostly) which is not addressed in any way- so be it - moving on :) - as they head to a couples resort with a hidden itinerary of couples therapy.
Part of you wonders when watching this if this wasn't just an excuse for the people involved to go hang out in Bora Bora and make a film.  Don't get me wrong - it's not a bad film - but it's not amazing either.  There is some good strong moments with the characters delving into their relationships, but I never honestly feel like these people are solving any real problems, more like they're putting a bandage on the cancer that is their relationships.  And it all gets wrapped up a little too perfectly.  I suppose I just went into this hoping for a little more emotional honesty and a little less broad comedy.  And they had a moment near the beginning which is beat-for-beat the same scene as something I've written... damnit.
So it sounds like I'm slagging the film.  It's an okay film.  If you like these actors then give it a whirl, it's entertaining, it's just not the kind of film I'd even see myself revisiting or highly recommending.
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