Sunday, May 29, 2011

1572 - Death Wish

First off, part of me is horrified that they managed to make four sequels out of this film.  I'm doing some research on the revenge genre and a quick google search had this film in every single top ten list that I found - and Netflix prevailed!  It's the story of a man whose wife and daughter are the victims of a (very) violent crime and how he slowly, but surely, becomes a vigilante. 
I was pretty surprised how graphic the inciting incident was, it's certainly the kind of thing that makes you understand exactly why this guy is doing what he is, and casting no judgement on him for it. 
That being said this film is little more than a b-movie with a bit of a hidden political agenda (which I'm sure is beaten out of the sequels).  If you like old films that are a bit cheesy, this might be your thing, but outside of it not shying away from the graphic nature of the subject matter, there's nothing all that interesting about it, IMO.  (check out a young Jeff Goldblum as one of the attackers)  And I would have liked to have seen some more indepth approach to his man finding his families attackers, rather than just wandering the city looking for trouble.  Alas.
Death Wish 

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