Friday, May 20, 2011

1568 - The Big Bang Theory: season four

First off, I'm so happy that this show has become the mega-hit that it is.  The casting is perfect, and the writing is damned inspired.  Let's be honest, it's not Shakespeare - it's not trying to be.  What it's aiming to be is a very funny and entertaining show and it continues to deliver episode after episode.  And what this season does particularly well is turn this show into the new Friends.  Seriously.  By bulking up the female side of the cast and giving them some weight Chuck Lorre has given this show even more legs than it had before.  It could go on a very long time and I don't think anyone is complaining about that idea.  The entire cast continues to expand in ways that are ever-so-delightful.  Although I think they've finally run out of gags based around Sheldon knocking on (mostly Penny's) door as there were some "normal" knocks near the end.  If you haven't caught onto this show yet - do it.  Is it about geniuses?  Sure, but I don't think I've spoken to a single person who doesn't like this show.  If you exist I would love to know why!!!  And now, for those who DO follow the series, some SPOILERS BELOW...
Expanding on my comment above about this being the new Friends that means that clearly Leonard and Penny are the new Ross and Rachel, which also means that we're going to see them do this will-they/won't-they dance for the forseeable future.  What this show did very smartly was turn the tables and have Penny be the one to start to want to get Leonard back.  There is no shortage of stories about nerds trying to get the hot girl, but I'll be damned if I'm not interested in watching a hot girl try to land a nerd who has moved on.  As much as I complained about my fear over the direction of where The Office is headed I have to say that the series finale bit excited and worried me.  I love the idea of changing up the roommate configuration and having to see Sheldon and Raj as roommates - I really hope this continues on for a little bit at least - it's delightful.  But I do have to say that while I saw it coming, I'm worried about the choice that the writers have made in having Penny and Raj hook up (even if it's a drunken regretful hook up on the heels of Penny admitting that she fucked up by letting Leonard go).  I realize that it puts a great barrier between Leonard and Penny just as it looked like he was going to be single again - but I just can't imagine how Raj & Leonard are going to get past this... I can only hope that Lorre has some wonderfully funny things in store for us surrounding it.  Oh, and Howard is totally going to work towards becoming a doctor next season. 
So that's all I'll say on that.  A delightful show that just continues to get better as it moves along.  Can't wait till September!
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