Sunday, May 22, 2011

1570 - Grown Ups

This is the kind of movie that you just know was made just so a group of friends had an excuse to hang out and get paid for it, and if that sounds cynical - it is.  Let me say this - I have absolutely no problem with people taking shots at race, religion, parenting, and life choices - have at it - nothing should be above making a joke about it.  But some of the stuff in here is about as obvious as it can get - to the point where it feels like the equivalent of painting-by-numbers. 
With a film is this title you're hoping for these guys to learn something, to grow, but it has nothing to do with that - with anything really.  In fact, the plot is about as loose as it can get and everything feels like it's there just to give them all an excuse to be there. 
Let's just be clear - this isn't a horrible film - I'm sure that there's an audience for it.  But given the mass of talent they've got in the men and women in this film, this thing should have been a side-splitting-gut-busting laugh fest, instead it's just kind of lame and sad due to the lack of it.
Grown Ups  Grown Ups [Blu-ray]

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