Saturday, July 09, 2011

1587 - Don't You Forget About Me

Saw this randomly on Netflix and given it's short length figured I'd give it a shot.  It's more or less about four young filmmakers trying to figure out why John Hughes stopped making films when he was so damn good at them.  The parts where the filmmakers are actively searching for John and trying to get an interview with him border along the painful.  They're sweet kids, but naive and a bit too idealistic for my liking.  Listening to them talk sounds like high school kids workshopping a project the night before it's due. 
The interviews with John's admirers and colleagues are what makes this mostly worth watching.  And so as a love-letter to the man himself, this works well enough.  But everyone is pretty much saying the same thing - he's a legend and endlessly influential.  In the end there's not really any new information to be learned by watching this.  I have a hard time recommending it outside of the interviews.  Proceed as you will...

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