Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Score: a Parker novel

I have to admit that this installment of the Parker franchise was a bit of a breath of fresh air.  The usual Parker novels have a pretty by-the-numbers format, shifting in different points of the narrative, so it was nice to see a story for Parker play out, more or less, from beginning to end.  Stark has never followed Parker's point of view for an entire book, and he still doesn't here.  Given that there are a good chunk of characters what he does is tell the story from different points of view at different junctures and it works well, I find. 
In this book we have Parker and a gang of men deciding to rob an entire town.  It's a job that seems insane, but becomes really plausible... or is it?  Knowing that this particular book didn't feel the need to keep with the old format I'm exciting to keep reading the series to see how it's kept fresh.  The next two books I have jump ahead nearly half a dozen stories, which should be fine I think.  Excited to see where they'll take the character next.
The Score: A Parker Novel (Parker Novels)

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